Jail Resources

For questions, please contact John McGrath, WASPC Jail Services Liaison, at [email protected] or by phone at 509-209-1145.

WASPC Resources

We encourage sheriffs, chiefs of police, jail executives and staff to utilize the resources found on our website, including the WASPC Member Forum.  On the Forum, we have a section devoted entirely to jails.  WASPC has employed the services of a strong jail practitioner in our Jail Services Liaison.  We also offer to our agencies with jails our Jail LEMAP and Accreditation programs.  Please explore the links provided to learn more about these resources.

Jail Forms  

Jail Healthcare for Executives Training Resources  

Providing Medication to Treat Opioid Use Disorder in Washington State Jails  

Suggested Resources for Use of Restraints on Pregnant Women or Youth in Custody - Informational Packet, RCW 70.48.500   

Spring 2021 Training Conference Resources

NIJO Legal Based Training Resources
Pre-Test WASPC 2021.05.26-2
NIJO Legal Based Training Link & Password

Corrections Committee Documents
COA CJTC 05.25.2021
WA State Cooperative Shuttle Guidelines 05.25.2021
MCOs 05.25.2021
Corrections Bill Updated 05.25.2021

COVID in Jails Documents
WASPC COVID-19 Jail Review & Recommendations Moving Forward PowerPoint
WASPC Corrections - Factors to Return to Normal May 2021

Non-WASPC Resources

The following link will take you to a number of non-WASPC resources. These resources include links to the following:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Technical Assistance
  • National Sheriffs' Association, National Center for Jail Operations
  • Discover Corrections
  • 21st Century Jail Workforce
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics
  • National Institute of Corrections
  • PREA Resource Center
  • American Jail Association
  • Stepping Up Initiative Toolkit
  • National Commission on Correctional Healthcare
  • DSHS/BHA Office Of Forensic Mental Health Services, Jail Technical Assistance Guidebook