Police Officers Powers Act

General Authority Peace Officer - Powers of, Circumstances.

In addition to any other powers vested by law, a general authority Washington peace officer who possesses a certificate of basic law enforcement training or a certificate of equivalency or has been exempted from the requirement therefor by the Washington state criminal justice training commission may enforce the traffic or criminal laws of this state throughout the territorial bounds of this state, under the following enumerated circumstances:

  • Upon the prior written consent of the sheriff or chief of police in whose primary territorial jurisdiction the exercise of the powers occurs;
  • In response to an emergency involving an immediate threat to human life or property;
  • In response to a request for assistance pursuant to a mutual law enforcement assistance agreement with the agency of primary territorial jurisdiction or in response to the request of a peace officer with enforcement authority;
  • When the officer is transporting a prisoner;
  • When the officer is executing an arrest warrant or search warrant; or
  • When the officer is in fresh pursuit, as defined in RCW 10.93.120.
Background Information: In an attempt to decrease the cumbersome process of disseminating written consent notifications WASPC has created this webpage to serve as a repository for such notifications. Rather than having each agency in Washington State send consent letters to all agencies in Washington State, WASPC has created a blanket form to be submitted to WASPC by the granting agency where it will be electronically stored for retention and reference by all agencies.

Instructions: Please complete this form electronically. The form will be scanned and filed electronically on this webpage for reference by participating agencies. If you have any questions please contact Rachelle Harwood at 360-486-2382 or [email protected]. Please also print, sign, and retain a copy of the form for your records.

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Responding Agencies: 

Adams County Sheriff's Office (Updated 03/08/2022)
Aberdeen Police Department (Updated 09/14/2023)
Algona Police Department (Added 04/29/14)
Airway Heights Police Department
Anacortes Police Department (Updated 07/26/21)
Arlington Police Department  (Updated 09/28/23)
Asotin Police Department (Updated 04/26/16)
Asotin County Sheriff's Office
Auburn Police Department  (Updated 10/06/21)
Bainbridge Island Police Department (Updated (5/14/20)

Battle Ground Police Department (Updated 3/31/2022)
Bellevue Police Department  Updated 2/16/2023)
Bellingham Police Department  (Updated 8/16/2023)
Benton County Sheriff's Office (Updated 8/23/2023)
Bingen-White Salmon Police Department (Added 05/31/13)
Black Diamond Police Department
Blaine Police Department (Updated 4/18/24)
Bothell Police Department (Updated 9/19/2023)
Bonney Lake Police Department (Updated 7/16/2018)
Bremerton Police Department (Updated 8/1/2022)
Brewster Police Department (Updated 01.30.2020
Brier Police Department (Updated 06/22/2022)
Buckley Police Department (Added 12/27/2020)
Burlington Police Department (Updated 07.27.17)
Camas Police Department (Updated 05/31/13)
Castle Rock Police Department (Updated 02/23/23)
Centralia Police Department  (Updated 9/22/15)
Central Washington University Police Department (Updated 04/11/19
Chehalis Police Department
Chelan County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/10/2023)
Cheney Police Department (updated 5/11/2022)
Chewelah Police Department
Clallam County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/5/2023)
Clark County Sheriff's Office (Updated 01/05/2023)
Clarkston Police Department
Cle Elum/Roslyn Police Department (Updated 6/15/2023)
Clyde Hill Police Department (Updated 08/01/2018)
Colfax Police Department (Added 04/11/13)
College Place Police Department (Added 05/30/17)
Columbia County Sheriff's Office (Added 07/18/13)
Colville Tribal Police Department (Added 01/17/19)
Connell Police Department (Updated 01/10/2024)
Cosmopolis Police Department (Added 9/19/2023)
Coupeville Marshal's Office
Coulee Dam Police Department (Updated 12/18/18)
Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office (Updated 6/7/19)
Des Moines Police Department (Updated 5/16/18)
Douglas County Sheriff's Office (Updated 7/10/18)
DuPont Police Department (Updated 1/9/2019)
Duvall Police Department (Added 05/07/14)
East Wenatchee Police Department (Updated 06/15/2020)
Eastern WA University Police Department (Updated 03/24/2021)
Eatonville Police Department (Updated 3/10/2021)
Edgewood Police Department (Updated 03/10/2021)
Edmonds Police Department (Updated 11/2022)
Ellensburg Police Department (Added 04/15/19)
Elma Police Department
Enumclaw Police Department (Updated 1/19/22)
Ephrata Police Department
Everett Police Department (Updated 02/20/24)
Evergeen State College Police Department (Updated 04/18/22)
Everson Police Department (Added 04/11/13)
Federal Way Police Department (Updated 03/25/14)
Ferndale Police Department (Updated 02/14/17)
Ferry County Sheriff's Office (Updated 01/18/19)
Fife Police Department  (Updated 10/10/17)
Fircrest Police Department (Updated 1/25/24)
Franklin County Sheriff's Office (Added 03.11.2021)
Garfield County Sheriff's Office (Updated 12.08.17)
Garfield Marshal's Office (Added 06/17/20
Gig Harbor Police Department (Added 08/14/14)
Gold Bar Police Department (Updated 2/20/24)
Goldendale Police Department (Updated 11/12/15)
Grand Coulee Police Department (Updated 06/27/19)
Grandview Police Department  (Updated 03/12/21)
Granger Police Department  (Updated 11/28/17)
Granite Falls Police Department
Grant County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/1/2023)
Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/5/2023)
Hoquiam Police Department (Updated 08/08/2022)
Island County Sheriff's Office (Updated 01/02/19)
Issaquah Police Department (Updated 04/26/16)
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (Updated 7/3/19)
Kalama Police Department (Updated 10/09/17)
Kelso Police Department  (Updated 06/05/19)
Kennewick Police Department (Updated 01/08/2024)
Kent Police Department (Updated 05/17/2018)
Kettle Falls Police Department
King County Sheriff's Office (Updated 01/05/22)
Kirkland Police Department (Updated 4/16/16)
Kitsap County Sheriff's Office (Updated 12/07/2021)
Kittitas County Sheriff's Office (Updated 11/07/19)
Kittitas Police Department
Klickitat County Sheriff's Office (Updated 2/22/18)
La Center Police Department (Updated 07/26/2022)
Lacey Police Department (Updated 05/01/2023)
Lake Forest Park Police Department (Added 04/11/13)
Lakewood Police Department (Updated 7/18/23)
Lake Stevens Police Department (Updated 09/26/2023)
Langley Police Department (Updated 03/20/17)
Lewis County Sheriff's Office (Updated 03/13/2023)
Liberty Lake Police Department
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/10/2023)
Longview Police Department (Updated 09/27/21)
Lynnwood Police Department (Updated 08/16/2023)
Lynden Police Department (Updated 12/04/13)
Mabton Police Department  (Updated 06/14/17)
Marysville Police Department (Updated 02/16/2021)
Mason County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/5/2023)
Mattawa Police Department (Updated 11/4/16)
McCleary Police Department
Medina Police Department (Updated 7/1/2022)
Mercer Island Police Department (Updated 04/28/16)
Mill Creek Police Department (Updated 6/9/2023)

Milton Police Department (Updated 02/06/18)
Mossyrock Police Department
(Added 07/23/13)

Monroe Police Department (Updated 02/20/24)
Montesano Police Department (Updated 03/10/15)
Morton Police Department
Moses Lake Police Department (Updated 01/10/17)
Mountlake Terrace Police Department (Updated 01/27/20)
Mount Vernon Police Department (Updated 04/21/2022)
Moxee Police Department
Mukilteo Police Department (Updated 01/05/17)
Napavine Police Department
Newport Police Department
Normandy Park Police Department (Updated 09/22/16)

Oak Harbor Police Department (Updated 4/23/2024)
Ocean Shores Police Department (Added 4/10/2023)
Odessa Police Department (Added 4/11/17)
Okanogan County Sheriff's Office (Updated 5/17/2023)

Olympia Police Department (Updated 11/15/21)
Omak Police Department (Updated 03/03/21)
Orting Police Department (Updated 5/4/2023)
Oroville Police Department (Updated 10/01/20
Othello Police Department (Updated 12/03/19)

Pacific County Sheriff's Office (Updated 4/27/2023)
Pacific Police Department (Updated 07/25/19)
Palouse - Garfield Police Department (Updated 9/1/2022)
Pasco Police Department  (Updated 01/11/2024)
Pe Ell Marshal's Office (Updated 04/27/16)
Pend Oreille County Sheriff's Office (Added 01/02/2019)
Pierce County Sheriff's Office (Updated 08/26/2019)
Pierce Transit Public Safety (Updated 03/19/2021)
Port Angeles Police Department (Updated 10/10/18)
Port Orchard Police Department  (Updated 10/07/19)
Port of Pasco Police Department (Added 03/19/21)

Port of Seattle Police Department (Updated 10/30/23)
Port Townsend Police Department (Updated 04/20/16)
Poulsbo Police Department (Updated 04/22/2022)
Prosser Police Department (Updated 04/02/13)
Puyallup Police Department (Updated 7/19/2022)
Pullman Police Department (Updated 10/31/2022)
Quincy Police Department (Updated 3/15/18)
Raymond Police Department (Updated 02/25/20)
Reardan Police Department (Added 3/29/2023)
Redmond Police Department
(Updated 10/04/19)

Renton Police Department (Updated 04/13/2021)
Republic Police Department
Richland Police Department (Added 7/1/2022)
Ridgefield Police Department (Updated 10/7/16)
Roy Police Department (Added 01/03/14)
Royal City Police Department
Ruston Police Department (Updated 09/06/18)
San Juan County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/8/2023)
Seattle Police Department (Added 09/27/12)
Sedro-Woolley Police Department (Updated 09/19/2022)

Selah Police Department (Updated 06/17/13)
Sequim Police Department (Updated 01/10/17)

Shelton Police Department (Updated 12/06/2023)
Skagit County Sheriff's Office (Updated 09/19/2022)
Skamania County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/9/2023)
Snohomish Police Department (Updated 2/12/2024)
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office (Updated 07/08/13)
Snoqualmie Police Department (Updated 01/09/17)
Soap Lake Police Department (Added 01.31.17)
South Bend Police Department (Added 4/27/2023)
Spokane Airport Police Department (Added 05/09/14)
Spokane County Sheriff's Office (Updated 01/04/2023)
Spokane Police Department (Updated 01/02/2024)

Spokane Valley Police Department (Updated 09/29/2022)
Springdale Police Department (Added 06/16/14)
Stanwood Police Department (Updated 04/26/21)
Steilacoom Department of Public Safety (Updated 5/21/20)
Stevens County Sheriff's Office (Updated 2/13/2023)
Sultan Police Department (Updated 2/21/24)

Sumas Police Department (Updated 3/12/2024)
Sumner Police Department
Sunnyside Police Department (Updated 5/08/2024)
Suquamish Tribal Police (Added 01/05/2018)
Swinomish Police Department (Added 11/23/2016)
Tacoma Police Department (Updated 02/07/2022)
Tenino Police Department (Updated 11/11/2015)
Thurston County Sheriff's Office (Updated 1/1/2023)
Tieton Police Department (Added 02/05/2015)
Toppenish Police Department  (Updated 03/06/2024)
Tukwila Police Department (Updated 03/19/2021)
Tumwater Police Department  (Updated 12.08.17)
Twisp Police Department (Updated 07/02/14)
Union Gap Police Department (Updated 02/09/2016)
Uniontown Police Department (Added 07/02/2018)
University Place Police Department (Updated 04/14/2021)
University of Washington Police Department (Updated 03/10/21)
Vancouver Police Department (Updated 07/28/2022)
Wahkiakum County Sheriff's Office (Added 03/04/13)
Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office (Updated 09/07/2023)
Walla Walla Police Department (Added 6/7/17)
Wapato Police Department (Updated 7/21/17)
Warden Police Department
WA House of Commissioners 
Washington State University Police Department (Added 9/6/2022)
Washougal Police Department (Added 03/31/15)
Wenatchee Police Department  (Updated 6/10/20)
Western WA University Police Department (Updated 10/30/19)
West Richland Police Department (Updated 01/09/2024)
Whatcom County Sheriff's Office (Updated 4/17/2024)
Whitman County Sheriff's Office  
Winthrop Marshal's Office (Updated 08/16/2023)
Woodland Police Department (Updated 06/30/17)
Woodway Police Department (Updated 11/13/23)
WSU Vancouver Police Department
(Added 04/11/13)

Yakima County Sheriff's Office (Updated 02/06/20)
Yakima Police Department (Updated 05/23/19)
Yelm Police Department (Updated 06/06/19)
Zillah Police Department (Updated 8/2/17)