Homeland Security and Intelligence Committee

The Intelligence/Homeland Security Committee shall review issues as they relate to Intelligence, Homeland Security or Technology issues such as:

  • Statewide Intelligence System Plan
  • WA State Fusion Center
  • Grant Allocations
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection/ Mapping
  • Training

Committee Charter

11/7/2023 Committee Meeting Agenda
11/15/2022 Committee Meeting Agenda

11/16/2021 Committee Meeting Agenda

Committee Report - 5/26/2021
Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and Chief Ken Thomas are the Co-Chairs of the committee. The committee met on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 and reported the following:

  • The WAGang database is being closed and will be rolled into the WSIN RISSIntel program. Agencies who have data in the WAGang system can either choose to have their information rolled over into the RISSIntel system, or request to have it sent back.
Committee Chairs  
John Nowel Sheriff, Spokane County
Ken Thomas Chief, Des Moines Police Department