Wellness and Resilience Committee

The Wellness & Resilience Committee serves to provide wellness and resilience resources to law enforcement members through advocacy, education and collection of best practices.

Committee Charter  

11/7/2023 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda
5/23/2023 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda

05/24/22 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda

11/16/2021 Wellness & Resilience Committee Meeting Agenda

Committee Report - 5/26/2021
Sheriff Brian Burnett is Co-Chair of this committee. The committee met on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 and reported the following:

  • Some early confusion on the committee reporting so meeting didn't start until approximately 10:30
  • James McMahan gave Legislative and Committee update
  • Committee indicated interest in the program and grant process
  • Lots of good discussion and interest on the topics to include the following:
  • Post Trauma vs. Accumulative
  • Peer support / What covers and what doesn't cover confidentiality
  • One agency of 76 commissioned staff has 7 affected by PTSD / L & I.  Voicing concerns over local attorneys head hunting for officers to file L&I claims
  • Before vs. After
  • Mandatory assistance referrals
  • Return to work evaluations after critical incidents
  • Officer Wellness Checks
    • Mandatory meeting for attendance
    • But participation within the mandatory meetings is voluntary and completely at the discretion of employee
    • One agency working 10/40 shifts (5 on 4 off) is authorizing last 30 minutes of shift to be used for wellness / team building and such
    • Training Pass downs to detective staff working violent and sex crimes
    • Restorative Rest
      • Use of 30 min lunch break to turn off radio and take a nap (night shift only)
      • Wellness / Resilience coach / trainer to add to training
      • Detectives / Major Crimes / Sex Crimes holding monthly and 1/4 wellness checks
      • Small agency access to programs
      • Not just commissioned but civilian staff to be trained and have availability to wellness and resilience as they are being affected
      • Monroe PD Chief Jeff Jolley interested in helping with this committee
Committee Chairs  
Mike Lasnier Chief, Suquamish Police Department
Mark Howie Sheriff, Wahkiakum County Sheriff's Office