Conference Information - Exhibitors/Sponsors

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General Information for Exhibitors & Sponsors - WASPC Conferences are the premier events for Washington’s law enforcement executives.  The WASPC Conference brings together 300+ leaders in law enforcement and industry partners for amazing networking opportunities, educational sessions, awards ceremonies and a marketplace showcasing the products and services with 120 exhibit booths. (The WASPC Spring conference includes a vendor exhibition.) This is where you will find the most influential community of law enforcement decision makers in Washington.

As a sponsor, you will have direct access to top level law enforcement executives who have come together to learn about the latest developments in public safety products and services.

We are committed to making our conference valuable to our members/attendees and at the same time maximizing your ability to contact the leaders of law enforcement and corrections from the state of Washington.

The conference is open to WASPC members (Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, and other executive law enforcement), other sworn officers or civilian employees of law enforcement agencies, and their guests. This means a qualified audience for your sponsorship money.

The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) is the only state association of its kind in the nation combining representatives from local, state, tribal, federal law enforcement into a single body, working toward a common goal. Our mission is to lead collaboration among law enforcement executives to enhance public safety.

Sponsorship participation will showcase your commitment to the broader law enforcement community and bring your brand and message to life. It also puts you in the company of major organizations who truly understand the impact and reach that WASPC can provide.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachelle Harwood (360) 486-2385 or [email protected].

 Thank you for your continued support of WASPC and law enforcement in Washington State.