Welcome to the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs (WASPC) web page.  The association was founded in 1963 and consists of executive and top management personnel from law enforcement agencies statewide. Our membership includes sheriffs, police chiefs, the Washington State Patrol, the Washington Department of Corrections, and representatives of a number of federal agencies. WASPC is governed by its executive board.

WASPC is the only association of its kind in the nation combining representatives from local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement into a single body, working toward a common goal. WASPC's function is to provide specific materials and services to all law enforcement agencies in the state, members and non-members alike. The 1975 legislature made WASPC a legal entity designating the association as "combination of units of local government." (RCW 36.28A.010)

Please note: most of our website is public. If you would like access to the members only section, please submit a membership application.


WASPC cannot provide legal advice. The information below is not legal advice. The resources below are being provided in an effort to increase information sharing. Please note, this is not an exhaustive compilation of communications or resources. 


WASPC has developed a set of principles for community trust. Those include:

  • Perceptions of Law Enforcement
  • Rule of Law
  • Deadly Force
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Behavioral Health
  • Homelessness
  • Basic Law Enforcement Training
  • Public Safety Funding
  • Marijuana

To see WASPC’s statements on each of these important issues, please click on the Principles for Community Trust document.

Benefits of Membership

The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs values: a mission-driven association; quality services; honesty and integrity; accountability and responsibility to our members; diversity; public/private partnerships; competent, professional staff; membership involvement and progressive innovation. WASPC offers four types of membership: life, active, associate, and affiliate. Membership within WASPC offers numerous benefits at all levels.

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Executive Director Newsletter

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