Washington Victim Information & Notification Everyday (WA VINE)

The Washington Victim Information and Notification Everyday (WA VINE) system is administered by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) as directed by RCW 35.28A.040 and is part of the VINE national platform. WA VINE launched in 2006. 

WA VINE's primary focus is to provide information and notification regarding offender custody status updates to victims of crime. WA VINE is an open system, meaning anyone may register for notification. There is no cost to users to register for notification. All city and county jails and the Washington Department of Corrections contribute to WA VINE through individually developed agency interfaces. 

How WA VINE works: 

WA VINE users should not depend solely on WA VINE for their safety. WA VINE should be part of a safety plan, not the entire plan. If immediate danger, please call 911. Please also note, WA VINE does not provide advance release notifications

WA VINE can be accessed 24/7 by phone at 1-877-846-3492, via www.vinelink.com, or through the VINE mobile app

WA VINE provides notifications by text, in-app, email, phone and TTY. Text notifications are offered in English and Spanish. Phone and email notifications are offered in English, Spanish, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Korean. 

WA VINE includes a service provider directory, connecting WA VINE users to service providers that may be able to assist them with a specific need. Service providers, please click here to review WASPC's policy regarding the service provider directory or click here to submit your request to be included in the directory. 

WASPC offers a variety of education and promotional materials for WA VINE, including brochures pens, stress balls and other items. Please click here to submit an order. 

Training about the WA VINE system for corrections professionals is available on-demand. Click here to register. 

For additional information a please contact:
Sydney Hansen, Data and Systems Program Coordinator 
[email protected] or 360.486.2402