Mental Health Field Response Teams Program

The Mental Health Field Response Teams Program provides grants to local police and sheriff’s departments to improve the interactions between the public and law enforcement. Mental health professionals assist patrol officers in the field or in an on-call capacity, they also provide training on best practices.

These innovative partnerships reduce the possibility of using force and improve public safety overall. Instead of booking someone into jail, they may be connected with services or diverted to a more appropriate facility for care.  The program is one of the ways your local law enforcement is working to find solutions for communities.

The Washington State Legislature has funded $2 million for grants and operation of the Mental Health Field Response Teams Program.

2020 and 2021 Grant recipients (multi-agency grants are administered by the first agency listed) :

For information contact:

John McGrath
Jail Services Liaison
(360) 486-2401
[email protected]

Information for grant applicants here.