We are excited to announce the beginning of outstanding leadership training opportunities resulting from several years of discussion and inquiry by your Training and Education Committee and supported by the Executive Board. 

WASPC’s leadership training mission is to build exceptional and ethical leadership at all levels of our law enforcement organizations with a vision of providing online training opportunities, followed by in-person seminars and supported through one-on-one mentoring programs. 

To facilitate our mission and vision, WASPC has joined with the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) to provide you, and all members of your organization, an opportunity to enhance your leadership skills through participation in an online learning program called The Credible Leadership Series. 

The Credible Leadership Series is a four phased program from IAPS and includes over 187 hours of self-paced training through 47 different learning modules.   WASPC is making this training available to your agency, at no charge. You can learn a little more about the Credible Leadership Series by clicking here. (Note, this page is NOT the link to sign up for this program, just informational.  The link to sign up follows this entire message). 

Participants of this year’s Spring Conference received a brief overview of the program which included the following information:

The scope of your organization’s participation in the online program is entirely up to you to decide.

  • ALL of your personnel, civilian and sworn, may participate in the full program.
  • There are four phases of learning which include a total of 47 different learning modules.
  • We ask that you complete the phases in order, and courses within each phase in order, as the lessons do build upon one another. 
  • Every module contains a lecture, quiz and short answer.  You must complete all three components to receive credit for the module.  Successful completion of each module results in a certificate of completion.
  • Lectures range from 25 minutes to 3.5 hours, depending on the subject.  If you have to stop a lecture prior to finishing, the program will restart you where you left off.
  • Quizzes are multiple choice and you must pass with a score of at least 80%.  You will have two opportunities to successfully pass.  If you are unsuccessful, you need to retake the lecture.
  • Short Answers respond to a question posed about the course materials and your organization’s Group Leader(s) will monitor your personnel’s short answer for valid content. 
  • Each module also contains an additional video that reinforces the module’s content (this video appears on the module’s opening page and is not required viewing to successfully complete the module). 
  • Course hours currently count for CJTC 24 hr. in-service training, career level certification electives and Middle Management Certification..      

 To sign up your agency for the course please do the following:

Determine who will participate.  We will need the full name and organizationally assigned email address for each participant (that will be their username). 

  • Determine who will be your agency’s Group Leader(s).  You may have up to two and they will be able to monitor your personnel’s participation to include the content of their short answers for validity.  They will receive extra training on how to do this.
  • When you are ready, please click on the link below to download, fill out and submit a participation list for your agency. 
  • After you submit your list, and within five business days, IAPS will reconnect with you to verify your list and activate your participation.
  • IAPS will send each of your participants an email with credentials to enter the program and begin training.
  • For technical support and/or questions, simply go to https://waspc.pslms.org and click on the orange help button located on the bottom right corner of the page to open a ticket with the customer service.

Finally, your successful completion of the WASPC online training program’s ICLD courses will entitle you to receiving an undergraduate College Transfer College Credit from the American Council of Education (ACE).  Please go here to read more about this college transfer and the process for requesting your Badge from ACE.

This is an amazing opportunity to help build your agency’s leadership legacy and also just the beginning of our commitment to help build exceptional and ethical leadership at all levels of our law enforcement organizations. 

Steve Strachan – WASPC Executive Director

Dave Doll – WASPC Training and Education Coordinator. 

 Watch a quick video that explains the program by clicking here.

Link to sign up:  https://waspc.pslms.org/request-registration/