Jail Booking and Reporting System (JBRS)

The Washington Statewide Jail Booking and Reporting (JBRS) system is administered by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC) as directed by RCW 36.28A.040. JBRS is part of the national Justice Exchange Platform. 

JBRS is a multi-jurisdictional database providing criminal justice professionals an instant, up-to-date database of booking and release records from all city and county jails in Washington State and the Washington Department of Corrections. The JBRS system is an invaluable resource for criminal justice agencies in Washington State. JBRS allows local agencies to track custody status changes for a variety of individuals in the community including registered sex offenders; individuals on pre-trial release; and individuals on probation. Users of the system include law enforcement; prosecutors; pre-trial services; probation departments; and state and federal criminal justice partners.

Criminal justice professionals may request access to JBRS at www.jbrs.org. An agency ORI number is required for access to the system. Once users submit requests for or access, requests are reviewed by the agency JBRS administrator or the statewide JBRS administrator. Once approved, users will receive a copy of the JBRS Access Policy.

Beyond the system’s use by criminal justice agencies, data from JBRS supports research, cost savings, efficiencies and public safety by State and Federal agencies as permitted by RCW 70.48.100. WASPC maintains a data share agreement with the Statistical Analysis Center for all requests for JBRS data (excluding King County Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention) as permitted by RCW 70.48.100(2)(e). If you are requesting data under this subsection, please submit your request here.

Web-based and in-person training covering use of the JBRS system is available.

  • Click here to register for on-demand training. You will need to create an account and request enrollment in the JBRS Basic User or JBRS Administrator Training Course. Your enrollment request will be addressed within 2 business days. 
  • In-person training can be scheduled upon request.

For additional information a please contact:
[email protected] or 360.486.2414