Correctional Options Services
A Program of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs 

The Correctional Options Services Department was established by WASPC in 1991. Overseen by the WASPC executive board. WASPC Correctional Options Services offers electronic monitoring equipment (EHM) and services for alternatives to incarceration. The three main products on the market today are RF (Radio Frequency), GPS (Global Positioning Satellite), Alcohol Monitoring Devices (Fuel Cell and Transdermal). We have an onsite monitoring staff that provides the services for training, providing technical support and data entry services. COS provides an agency based service. Agencies may run their own programs and lease equipment offered by COS. We provide equipment, training and services to assist them in getting a program up and running. The agency is billed for equipment used on a per day basis. 

Mission: The mission of Correctional Options Services is to offer local law enforcement, corrections and those in the judicial system excellent service and state-of the-art equipment.

Values: Correctional Options Services values: honesty and integrity; excellent customer service; vendor partnerships; and dedication to our clientele. 

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