Agency Information for Law Enforcement Wellness App 

The Washington Statewide Officer Wellness App, CORDICO, launched on March 7, 2023.

  • Click here to download the IOS version of the app.
  • Click here to download the Android version of the app.

Please recall that the CORDICO app is a tool in the officer wellness tool kit. Agencies should not rely solely on the app to facilitate the health and wellness of your team. WASPC encourages agencies to familiarize themselves with RCW 5.60.060, regarding privileged communications.

Our partners at Lexipol have shared the following resources. We hope you find these helpful.

If your agency has not provided agency specific information and would like to, we are requesting the following:

  • Agency Point of Contact – This will be our contact person for all things related to your agency’s app landing page.
  • Image – Your department image (i.e. badge, patch, or logo) to personalize your home screen and agency profile.
  • Peer Support Members – Contact information for your peer support team. If you use a different agency’s team, let us know which agency (or agencies).
  • Chaplain – Contact information for your agency’s chaplain. 
  • Agency contracted mental health professional – If your agency contracts with an MHP, please provide their contact information.
  • Employee Assistance Program – Information regarding any EAP your agency has. 

If your agency does not have one or more of the requested items, you still need to respond to let us know that you do not have the resource. You should at a minimum submit your agency’s main point of contact (so Lexipol can relay login credentials for your agency) and your agency image to ensure that your landing page is custom to your agency. You can send us this information at [email protected] or you can complete the content collector sheet and upload it here. If your agency utilizes peer support resources from another agency/agencies, please let us know which agency/agencies. Additional customization questions can be sent to our Customer Success Manager Troy Liquin at [email protected] or (469) 731-0821. 

Use this link to verify that your agency has provided the information requested. 

If your agency is interested in submitting a written, or recorded, message from the Chief/Sheriff/Director, please click here for additional information. Once you have completed a welcome message, please upload the file here, this information will be sent directly to our partners at Lexipol to include in the App.

Please email [email protected] to request the agency specific login information for your active, retired, and family users.

Under WASPC's contract for Cordico, WASPC will offer 50 peer support 1-year memberships to the National Emergency Responder & Public Safety Center (NERPSC). One membership per agency. This membership provides over 25 hours of training in peer support, a NERPSC certification in peer support, access to basic and advanced coursework, the peer support toolkit, and peer support consultation through webinars. If you are interested in one of the memberships, please complete this application. Memberships will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. We do have unlimited access to the peer support training through the end of 2023, if you are interested in just the training send an email to Terrina at [email protected] to gain access.

For additional information on WASPC's Wellness and Cordico efforts, contact Terrina Peterson, Programs Coordinator, at (360) 486-2386 or [email protected]. Please submit questions and suggestions regarding the app to [email protected].