Sex Offense Document Imaging


In 1999, WASPC was designated to receive archived records of investigative reports pertaining to sex offenders or sexually violent offenses for electronic retention and retrieval, reference RCW 40.14.070(2). Following the expiration of the local retention period, those records are shipped to WASPC where they are electronically imaged and permanently retained.

Any record transferred to WASPC is no longer a public record and is exempt from public disclosure. The records can be disseminated only to criminal justice agencies for the purpose of determining if a sex offender meets the criteria of a sexually violent predator or to the end-of-sentence review committee for the purpose of fulfilling its duties. After electronic imaging, WASPC destroys the paper copy of the documents. Documents that do not follow the criteria for inclusion in the Sex Offender Document Imaging system are returned to the submitting agency.

To request a copy of a sex offense case file, a criminal justice agency or end-of-sentence review committee representative must complete and submit a request form to WASPC confirming the information will be used only to determine if a sex offender meets the criteria of a sexually violent predator as defined in chapter 71.09 RCW. All requests are retained by WASPC.

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