Rapid Responder Easy Alert 

The 2013 Legislature funded, and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) administered a $10 million grant program, which school districts applied for on a competitive basis, to “expedite the response of law enforcement agencies”.  Seven school districts received funding to implement an alerting and communication system within Rapid Responder.

WASPC worked with its vendor Prepared Response to create Easy Alert for the pilot districts. It has now implemented the Rapid Responder Easy Alert system in several school districts, and at some higher education sites. Notably, it has been used in numerous drills and in the following real life incidents:

  • Monroe School District – users documented a school bus accident, allowing multiple users to be notified simultaneously, and for the driver to share a photo of a hand written chart of which students were on the bus at the time of the accident.
  • Spokane Community College – security staff communicated details of the need for emergency medical assistance when a faculty member exhibited symptoms of a heart attack.
  •  Evergreen School District, Vancouver – staff shared a picture of a calculator screen which contained a death threat against a teacher.

The system is now available to all sites in the state of Washington.  For further information, please view a one-page summary of the feature or the most current Power Point Summary by clicking:

One Page Summary
Easy Alert PowerPoint

For additional information regarding this initiative, please contact:

David Corr, Program Manager
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