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  • Pro-Law Enforcement Lobbying Efforts on both the State and Federal Levels
  • Discounted Registration on WASPC Conferences and Vendor Trade Shows
  • Training Opportunities at Discounted Rates
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  • Access to the WASPC Members-Only portions of the WASPC Website
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Please Note: Applications are reviewed by WASPC Staff, the WASPC Membership Committee and the WASPC Executive Board. Final approval of applications occurs only at Executive Board Meetings which meets five (5) times per year. If your application is received within two weeks of an Executive Board Meeting, it will be considered at that meeting; if not, it will be considered at the next Meeting.

Membership is on an individual named basis, not by organization. You must apply individually. Memberships are not transferrable.

Membership Categories: Thank you for your interest in becoming a WASPC member! Please review the following membership descriptions below in order to find the membership category that best suits you.
  • Active Members: Active members of this Association shall be persons who are the heads of city, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies regularly and currently engaged in the enforcement of the general criminal laws of the United States, the State of Washington and its potential subdivisions; and the commanding officer of the Armed Forces Police having jurisdiction in the State of Washington. Active member applicants must be endorsed by current active or life members of the Association.

  • Life Members: An individual who has rendered outstanding service to this organization as an active member and who has distinguished themselves by deed or act on behalf of the objectives or principle of this organization on behalf of the membership thereof, shall be eligible for life membership and may be proposed for such membership to the Executive Board by an active member in good standing. Such proposals shall be submitted in writing and shall contain therein a description of the act or acts of the proposed life member. Life members shall have the same powers as active members. Click here to nominate someone for life membership.

  • Associate Members: Associate members shall be active or honorably retired law enforcement personnel serving under and/or recommended by an active member of the Association. Applicants who are currently employed law enforcement personnel must be sponsored by the CEO of their employing agency who must be an active member of the Association. Law Enforcement personnel who are honorably retired must be sponsored by any active or life member. An associate member shall have the same powers as an active member except that he or she shall not have the power to vote or hold an elective office or board position.

  • Affiliate Members: Individuals who are employed or engaged in activities, whether public or private, related to law enforcement, where their membership will benefit this Association and enhance the goals and objectives of law enforcement in the State of Washington, when they are endorsed by an active or life member of the Association
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Questions: Please direct membership inquiries to Deb Gregory at (360) 486-2380.