Current School Safety Support Program Initiatives

  • Public Schools (K12) – If you have a new or remodeled public school in the state of Washington, we would like to send a team to your site to take pictures and upload them into the system.
  • Private Schools - We would be happy to come to your school to demonstrate the program.  Private schools may also contact Prepared Response at [email protected] or 206.315.9851 to request a complimentary demonstration of the system.
  • Higher Education – We are looking for grant or other funding to map the campuses of the state’s higher education campuses.
  • Hospitals - One of our communities (Spokane) has located funding to map all of their major hospitals. The same square footage pricing model can be used to map a hospital.
  • Courthouses – We have mapped three county courthouses (Pacific, Spokane, and Thurston) as demonstration projects. The U.S. Marshal’s Office has mapped all of the federal courthouses within the state. We would like to identify funding to map the remaining county courthouses.

For additional information regarding any of these initiatives, please contact:

David Corr, Program Manager
[email protected]
P: 360.486.2403
C: 360.561.0807